Ode to our Koehler Books Authors

Ode to our Koehler Books Authors

To our Koehler Books Authors,
of every genre and flavor,
whose words dance upon the page,
whose characters encha-

Ok, let’s face it: we’re no poets. We’d better leave the writing to the writers.

Simple and plain, here’s to the more than 40 Koehler Books authors who have placed their trust in us at Dalitopia Media. Thank you for allowing us to work on your book covers, book trailers, and author websites, and sharing in the creative journey with us.

We have greatly enjoyed reading your stories, getting to know your characters, and finding a way to translate your words into graphic art. We remember every little snippet: when the old barn burned down, when the assault victim stood up for herself and others and became the hero, when you met Audrey Hepburn, when your family hid food from the Nazis, and so on…

Thank you for your trust in us, and best wishes on your continual journey as an author.

Your friends,
Danielle and Gustavo at Dalitopia Media



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