What is a Book Trailer/Teaser (more importantly) Why Do You Need One?

What is a Book Trailer/Teaser (more importantly) Why Do You Need One?

The following article was originally posted by author Mary K. Savarese on her website.

After being accepted by a Publishing House, working with editors, creative Illustrators, the novel that possibly took years to write is ready and able to debut. (Oh, God!! Your baby and pride and joy has finally come to life!)

And yes, it takes a village.

Be nice to your editors. They really do have your best interest at heart. They want your novel to be its best version, one that will garner awards and more importantly, readers.

Which brings me to the next and equally important part, marketing. We Authors have our Publishers, Distributors, Social Media, Links to and fro, Publicists and something quite sweet, fun, informative, creative and DRAMATIC! Yes, I’m talking about the trailer/teaser.

Working with Dalitopia Media, Design & Audiovisual, I was asked to create the concept, using my words. They would bring it to life via video.

Yikes, I’ve never done this! I was given several examples on Youtube. Realizing one thing, DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA to grab attention and thus readers. Also, no one knows your story better than yourself.

Dalitopia, suggested for Tigers Love Bubble Baths & Obsession Perfume (who knew!) a novel of Mystery/ Romance with a Spiritual Twist by Mary K. Savarese, www.maryksavarese.com, three twenty second spots which would be combined into one final video.

The three 20 seconds spots would debut two weeks apart during the pre-order phase on my author site and social media. Once the publishing date was within eyeshot (Mine is scheduled for April 24, 2019) the combined video would premiere. This final combined video will come in handy for presentations, talks, book signings, Social Media, etc. The list could be endless.

Where do you begin? Not with the Hook on the back cover. Begin with the protagonist’s conflict. Write a dramatic sentence or two, include dialogue. Next, take an interesting scene from the middle, use another dialogue tag. Conclude with the climax scene and end with drama. Combine into one video or separates.

Dalitopia suggested several music options to choose from, worked their creative magic, tweaked my words, and Voila, three videos and a final were born. They are truly unbelievable!

Remember, the main objective is to entice the reader to want more, to want to read your novel. This can be done on a simple level or not.

CREATE DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA! It will be worth the effort.

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